About Ducati-Upnorth

A website for Ducati riders in the North and Scotland

Ducati-upnorth.com was started to try and provide owners of Ducatis in the the North of England and Scotland one website where they can find details of events, rideouts and meeting places, no matter which of the many Ducati clubs they belong to. Traditionally events in the North and Scotland were less well attended than the south and this website is trying to alter that. It is not a club, there's no membership fee and no requirement to be a member of an existing official Ducati Club and it wasn't started to compete with the existing owners clubs. We've included a forum section so that you can arrange meets and rideouts and let other riders know of poor roads, roadworks or heavily policed roads.

Use the top navigation to find your way around the site, the side navigation will take you to sub sections, its always worth clicking photographs, where we can we'll add a larger image which will open in a pop up window.



Part of the plan was to co-ordinate the marketing and publicity of Ducati related events in the North of England and Scotland, this involves working with the various Owners Club regional organisers, existing owners and also Ducati Dealers. Ideally we'd like to co-ordinate a calendar so that club events don't clash and Ducati owners will know when and where meets or rideouts are taking place.

We're planning on producing flyers for use in Ducati Dealers or for display at your regular bike meet places. We'll add a download section to the events pages so you can get the pdfs, print them then put them up.


Sources of information

The information on this site is obtained from the many existing Ducati club websites, it is not meant to replace those websites and we would urge all users to check at the appropriate site for full details or changes. If you spot a mistake or are aware of an alteration please let us know. We can't be responsible for checking everything we get sent, use your brain and check with the organisers before setting off, the DSC forum, multistrada.net and UK Monster forum are good places to do this.


Rider Input

This site is written and maintained by Ducati owners and needs contributions from it's readers in all the sections. Please go through the site and use the forums. Contribute your favourite roads, routes, cafe stops, bike friendly pubs or your stories of riding or touring in the North. It can be anything from a suggestion of a good road or cafe to a full report with pictures for inclusion in the photo gallery. If you know our regional info is out of date let us know and we'll update the page.



We want to know what you want from this, over time things will change and we don't want this site to stagnate like a lot of other Ducati sites do. We've set up a feedback section in the forums, we can't promise to deliver everything you ask for but if we get enough requests we'll try. Similarly if you are interested in getting involved, helping out with events or the website please let us know.



This website would never have been created without the help of JohnC, an S4 Monster riding southerner who has given his time, knowledge and lost his patience in the process of helping me try and learn the basics of html, php and forums and all just to let us northerners get together to have fun on our bikes. He's helped me sort servers, domains and I can't thank him enough for the work he's done. If you need a creative agency for your business get in touch with John and tell him where you found out about his work, it might redress a rather large debt I have.

The website is hosted by Idnet who provide the server space and bandwidth needed to keep Ducati-UpNorth running reliably. They also supply Residential and Business Broadband, Web Development and Hosting Solutions. Thanks for the help getting all this started.


Support us

If you've found Ducati-UpNorth useful or enjoyed the forums you can help me keep it all going with your support. I've got software, servers and computers to pay for and there is a limit to what I can blag. Use the button below to send your contributions, no matter how big or small, via Paypal, it is appreciated and it'll all go to keeping Ducati-UpNorth going and improving it. Thanks for your help, Michael.