Event reports and Photo gallery by year

2007 Section starts with photos from the Winter Warmer II Social, guest speaker Jamie Whitham and 1098 preview

2006 Section has photos from all the UpNorth events in 2006 including Raid The Lakes, Hizzy Run, March Mini Mega Meet, Winter Warmer Social and photos from the DSC open day at JHP/Ducati Coventry.

2005 Section has reports from Raid the Lakes, Motogiro, DSC Scottish Xmas meet, Ducati Glasgow tracknight, WDW 2004 .

Member's Photo Gallery

Photographs from member's rideouts, meets or just piccies of their bikes. We'll try and put them up when we get time....

Members Bikes

This link takes you to the forum bike gallery. All forum users have a "photo garage" where they can add photos and details of their bikes. You can view users, by latest additons or most popular.

Photo Size/Copyright

For touring, event and rideout pictures we will try and use them at 800 x 600 pixel and in JPG format, if you are unsure about this ask in the forums and we'll either explain how to do it or resize for you. Event reports etc need between 12 -25 pictures to make up a gallery, we can use less but rarely more.

Please observe copyright, if you took the photo you own the copyright, if it's one of your friends check with them first, if it;s a professional photographer or trackday photographer, check with them, most will allow it with a credit, some may require a fee. Most trackday photographers give you full copyright use when you buy photos from them, but its always worth checking before you buy.