Shazaam's Tech Library - 748/9xx Swingarm removal

A useful technical article from guest contributor Larry Kelly of San Diego CA (aka Shazaam!).

To remove the swingarm, you simply need to remove the right side bolt and push the pivot shaft out the left side. A 3/8-in socket extension will work here if the shaft moves freely. However, if the swingarm pivot hasn’t been lubed annually the shaft is probably seized and that’s why Ducati supplies a factory tool made out of softer aluminum to prevent damaging the shaft during removal. But, you can make your own.

Sometimes, you will run into a seized one where you pretty much have to write the pivot off and get it out using penetrating oil, heat, and a lot of brute force.

Swingarm Bolt Removal Drift

The tool should be made of softer aluminum rod (like the factory tool) so as not to damage the swingarm bolt threads.

The end that engages the bolt is turned-down to 13.5mm in diameter, 15mm in length.

The diameter then enlarges to 19.5mm, for an additional 295mm.

Finally the diameter enlarges to about 30mm, for an additional 100mm long. This is the end that you hammer on so the dimensions are not too critical.

Overall it is 15 + 295 + 100 = 410mm long with three diameters.

Info taken from this thread from DSC forums

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