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Included on the site are a selection of useful technical articles from member's and guest contributors including Larry Kelly of San Diego CA (aka Shazaam!).

Buying a Used Ducati Superbike

This page gives an insight into what to look for when buying a used SBK. An excellent source of info and worth printing out and taking with you when you view.


Air Filter Design - what does an air filter do and what benefits are there from race filters?
9xx Air Intake Mod - stop bugs getting into your airbox
Airbox - What it does and effect on chassis stiffness
Metal Particles on your sump plug - what it could be?
Very large metal bits in oil - it may not be as bad as you first think
More on metal particles, rocker wear and oil changes
Chain Cleaning - what works best?
Octane rating - will my bike run better with higher octane fuel?
Crankcase ventilation - options and effect on performance
Carbs and jetting - an explanation of how a carb works
Coring an S*R exhaust -A "how to" by Dave Gallagher


ECU - tech info on swapping ecu's and how to fit
Ignition System problems - plugs and coils
What replacement battery? - very detailled info on battery size and storage capacity
Electrical Charging System problems - solutions to common failures
Erractic fuel Light - issues and solutions
749/999 Error Codes - how to display/diagnose error codes

Cooling System

Running Temperatures - an article on too hot and too cool running temperatures


Lightened Flywheel - pros and cons
Cam belt tension - why its important
Cam Timing - basic principles, covers belt and bevels
Cam Belt Construction - info on cam belt codes from Gates, the belt maker
Engaging Neutral - problems getting 749/999's into neutral?
Clutch problems? - Air in clutch or failing slave cylinder? maybe not.
Clutch Aftermarket or OEM - Advantages/disadvantages of aftermarket clutch or basket
Clutch Tuning - Plate order /stack height. Includes Bucci Ducati Slipper Clutch instructions
Valve setting - Useful tips on setting valve clearances on 2V engines


Carbon Wheels - pro's and cons with details from US BST importer Motowheels
What tyre pressure - how to get the ideal pressure
Tyre Size - 180 v's 190
Tyre Technical Tips - scrubbing in, dynamoters and more info from Cambrian Tyres
Gearing - altering ratios and impact on wheelbase/ride height
Adjusting the chain - how to check and adjust
748/9xx Swingarm removal - How to
Radial brakes - an introduction to brake technology
Showa Fork Oil Change - How to
Suspension - Springs and Sag (very detailed)
Paint codes - PPG codes for most colours


Please note that cannot accept any liability for the accuracy or content of this section. Visitors who rely on this information do so at their own risk. If you are unsure it's worth contacting your local Ducati dealer who will be able to help. Do not attempt a repair or modification if you do not have the correct tools or knowledge to do so.